Team Member Spotlight – Junior Davila

Jose “Junior” Davila has been selected as our very first Team Member of the month! His dedication to his job and Cheeca in general is not only noticed by his department managers, but his fellow colleagues, as well as the Leadership Team.

Junior was immediately nominated by one of his colleagues, Tyler Young, as soon as the program was rolled out to all staff. Tyler noted the following areas that recognized Junior’s focus on the Cheeca STARFISH values:

  1. He always finds coffee for our guests – even when we are out of stock.
  2. He is always willing to fulfill guest requests; such as “Bring one cup of coffee, or razor ASAP”, help with new coffee pots, as well as relaying requests in Spanish to housekeepers.

Tyler also noted that one of our guests, Mr. Sharp stated that Junior was a “Great Guy” and just wanted someone to know. She went on to stat that each and every time she calls Junior for a housekeeping issue, he is always available and completes the request in a timely manner.

His Manager, Marceline, additionally noted that getting the job done is part of a great work environment as well as demonstrating that we care. Junior strikes the right balance between the two and consistently delivers high performance from his department. Junior has one of those attitudes that is always positive. He consistently assists other co-workers with a smile on his face and you can tell he enjoys his job!

All of the above examples demonstrate how Junior consistently delivers service through STARFISH qualities for both guests and co-workers! He immediately takes ownership of an issue and follows through to the end delivering service with a smile.

Great job Junior and big thank you for your support!

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