“BLOODLINE” Fans: Here’s Your Guide to Fantastic Filming Locations to Visit

Are you ready for your close-up, Florida Keys?

In case you’ve been living under a rock — or more likely, a fishing dock — the Netflix thriller “Bloodline” is one of the hottest new series on (Internet) TV. And we’re not just talking about the balmy Florida weather that serves as the show’s backdrop (you can practically feel those warm tropical breezes through the screen.) “Bloodline” is a sensation, and its setting in the Upper Keys has offered viewers around the world a front-row seat to see the gorgeous landscape that our nook of the Sunshine State has to offer.

So it’s not surprising that some of our most recent guests — and “Bloodline” fans — are hoping to see some of the locations that have been featured on the show. Well, ask and ye shall receive. Until Netflix starts offering “Star Tours” of filming locations, here is a handy guide to a few “Bloodline” related spots worth a visit.

Cheeca Lodge and Spa: Yes, it’s true! If you’re staying with us, you’re staying at one of the filming locations for “Bloodline.” Oscar-winning star Sissy Spacek dined on fine cuisine at our restaurant Atlantic’s Edge during a May episode — and this isn’t the first time Cheeca has been a hit on the small screen. Wedding planners may want to note that Cheeca was spotlighted in the show “Platinum Weddings,” chronicling lavish and gorgeous celebrations. (Guess they heard about our reputation for impeccable wedding services.)

Alabama Jack’s: In the first episode of “Bloodline,” John’s brother Danny (actor Ben Mendelsohn) is dining at a casual waterfront seafood spot. Spoiler: It’s actually Alabama Jack’s in Key Largo. And though Danny is seen downing fish tacos, the eatery is actually most famous for its conch fritters.

Anne’s Beach: Named for Florida environmentalist Anne Eaton, this Islamorada beach is a must-visit because its shallow waters ensure a warm, wave-free setting for swimming and sunning. (It’s also good training ground for novice kiteboarders.)

Caribbean Club: This throwback bar is where many of the characters in “Bloodline” are seen tossing back beers and playing billiards. It’s a classic Keys joint for stiff cocktails and fun nightlife, and it most famously served as inspiration (and exterior shots) for the 1948 Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall film “Key Largo.” (Don’t miss the back deck with its killer sunset views.)

Long Key State Park: If you’re not yet caught up on the series, we won’t spoil what important scene takes place here. But the 965-acre mangrove- and mahogany- filled park is an absolute must-visit for TV fans and nature lovers alike. Bring a picnic and do some wildlife spotting on the nature trails. Then snorkel, swim, or canoe, whether you’re spending an afternoon or pitching a tent for a full overnight.

The Moorings Village and Spa: In reality, it’s a two-story plantation house and hotel. On “Bloodline,” it’s the Rayburn House, a family-owned inn that features much of the show’s action. And guess what — they’re our neighbors! We totally understand if you want to grab lunch at their seaside Beach Café before coming home (sweet home!) to our lush gardens and swimming pools. Hey, we’re “Bloodline” fans too!

Robbie’s of Islamorada: If you’re looking to book a boat rental, take a snorkeling or Jet ski, excursion or even hit the high seas on a chartered island tour or sunset cruise, visit Robbie’s. This unique, multi-service destination has seen its boats and docks featured in “Bloodline.” And while you’re scoping the scene, you can also chow down at its on-site eatery, Hungry Tarpon Restaurant. (Afterwards, turn the tables and hand-feed a tarpon yourself!)

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