We hope you packed your selfie stick. It could earn you a free stay at Cheeca.

This summer we launched #SayCheeca, an Instagram contest that encourages guests to share with the world their spectacular photos from the resort. In return, you could win a return two-night stay to build even more memories — and fill up your scrapbook (or at least your iPhone) all over again.

Here’s how it works: Post your favorite photos from your Cheeca getaway on Instagram using the hashtag #SayCheeca. (That’s, like, really important.) Each month, the Cheeca team will post one winner to receive a two-night stay. Yes, that’s it. It’s really that simple.

Want to improve your chances? There’s no hard and fast way to guarantee that your photo will be the best. We’ll simply know our favorite when we see it! But here are a few tips to keep in mind that might help you capture the most eye-catching moment.

  • Choose your filter wisely, young grasshopper. A little Lo-Fi never hurt anybody. But don’t go wild! Filters are great for accentuating the natural beauty of Cheeca and the Florida Keys, but we know we look pretty gorgeous as is. (#wokeuplikedis) Bring out our best side, but don’t turn your photo into a cartoon. That’s just goofy.
  • Show a smile! We know, we know. Sultry beach photos are a hit on Tinder, and capturing your pensive gaze at the crashing waves makes for a fantastic Facebook default. But you’re on vacation — don’t forget to smile! We want to see your pearly whites enjoying our clear blue waters.
  • Think outside the box. We’re not talking about frames. (Those are swell!) Rather, one way to stand out is to capture an aspect of the resort that others haven’t yet shown the world. Our famous dock could make for a great image, but so could something more unique and personal: a tropical cocktail you’re enjoying at the bar, a pair of flips flops placed just-so by the pool, a post-spa selfie that captures the glow of a fabulous facial. It’s your Cheeca experience – no one else’s!
  • Hashtag, you’re it. Of course, the most important hashtag to include is #SayCheeca. But feel free to include some others to show off your Insta-wit. Who knows? Maybe you’ll inadvertently invent the next viral trend. But to do that, you’ll need to get creative — #nofilter allowed.

For the full set of rules and more info on the #SayCheeca contest, head here.

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