Team Building…Island Style

When we host a corporate group or retreat at Cheeca Lodge & Spa, we know that team building is an essential part of any successful meeting. Our Guest Adventures and Group Sales teams have taken team building activities to the next level with a special Cheeca twist. With a mixture of fun and just the right level of competition, our team building activities are sure to be a hit with your group!

Below are some of the unique team building activities Cheeca is proud to offer to groups:

  • Coco-Bowling: This is bowling, island style! With rules similar to traditional bowling, players roll real coconuts down the lane to knock down pins. The player or team with the highest points wins. Coconuts may be painted in your company or team colors.
  • Raft Race: Teams must cooperate and strategize in order to build a seaworthy raft out of limited materials, then board their craft to navigate a marked course near shore.
  • Paddle & Run Relay: Two members of each team (4-10 participants each) launch sea kayaks from south beach, paddle around Cheeca’s 525’ fishing pier, then continue on to north beach where they must carry (or drag) the kayaks back on land and race back to the starting line. Teams must work together to determine individual strengths and create complementary pairs. The relay continues until all team member pairs complete the relay.
  • Balloon Tower: Teams must work together to carefully build a freestanding tower cannot be anchored down – made exclusively from 100 balloons and a roll of masking tape. How creative can you get?
  • Island Scavenger Hunt: Teams of 4-8 participants each will be given a time frame and clues to find a checklist of items that could be located anywhere on Cheeca’s 27 lush oceanfront acres. Teams utilize mobile devices (or Polaroids) to document their expedition.

To learn more about all of Cheeca’s unique and fun team building exercises, contact our Group Sales team at (305) 517-4449 or submit an RFP online.

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